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George Haldezos
Personal Assistant to Frank Mazzotta

George Haldezos has a reputation for offering outstanding service to clients of PRD’s Bexley North office. Equipped with a Certificate of Registration, George has rapidly made himself an invaluable part of the office’s sales team.

As George comments, “our office has a family feel - we really do draw on each other’s expertise, so I’ve made rapid strides in my four years in the industry, expanding my skills by working with some of the most reputable real estate professionals in Sydney.”

Warm and outgoing, George is a born communicator. For him, communication is the key to a smooth property transaction. In George’s view, PRD’s local market dominance is one of the keys to his success. “Our company has been a major force in local real estate for a significant period. We’re known for providing superior outcomes for all our clients, and doing so while upholding the highest professional standards.”